Hi, I am Guillaume,

Growth Marketer Freelance, Mentor & Facilitator

My Background & Belief


Previously Digital Consultant, CMO and Startup Founder

I have 10+ years of experience in Growth Marketing.

I believe Process and Methodologies help anyone achieve anything.

I use proven ones to help startups & established businesses grow their revenue.


My Expertises

Gowth Marketing Strategy

Everything starts with knowing a lot about your customers and their needs.

Then we can build an actionable strategy together.

I created The Growth Marketing Strategy Canvas to help your business structure the growth.


From customers knowledge and feedback, I help you extrct guess the best words that will convert.

An organize them in your landing pages, emails, ads…

A/B Testing - Website Optimization

As your understanding of your customers evolves, they already evolved. 

You must continually adapt!

Let me help you with an Optimization Campaign.

Traffic Optimization

AB Testing is an excellent source of performance improvement. 

However, from experience, 20% of your Ad budget drives 80% of your revenue. 

There is a tremendous opportunity for a better ROI here!

Channels Marketing

Where to promote my product?

SEO Best practices; How to benefit from Twitter? How to take advantage of Facebook, Instagram… 

Is there any growth hack I could think of?

Content Marketing

Whatever the maturity of your users (awareness, consideration or even loyalty) make sure you provide them with valuable content all along the way. 

Become indispensable by pushing them forward.

Data Analytics

From setting up tracking solution to analyzing web behaviors to connecting analytics and CRM for further interaction with your customers.

Marketing Automation

You have everything in place to go a step further? 

Let’s talk about how you can automate your sales workflow!

My Unfair Advantages


Growth Marketing Specialist

10+ years experience in growth business through digital.

Working for various types of businesses and industries.

Creative Mindset

I love to decode trends and build analogies upon them. I always tend to be disruptive. 

Entrepreneur Mindset 

I know what it feels to put your balls on the table!

I have lots of respect for Entrepreneurs. 

I want to position myself as your partner in the game!


A Man With Its Network

For some specific needs, I rely on experts. 

Over the years, I have built a trusted network of various expertises.

Guillaume TESSIER

Contact Details

  • Location: Originally from France, Paris but I like to travel and work from different cities sometimes.
  • Languages: I work both in English and French