A/B Testing is useless unless you do something first…


As a Freelance Growth Marketer, many of my clients come to me to optimize their conversion rate. They ask me to run some A/B testing.
And my first question is: How high the bounce rate is for the pages to optimize?
Let me explain.

Let’s say you have a landing page with a bounce rate of 60% or above.
What is the point in optimizing a page if 60% of its visitors are not well targeted in the first place?
What would be the value of a survey if 60% of respondents were not relevant prospects?

If your bounce rate is high, don’t jump into testing right away. Start with some traffic optimization work first.

Traffic optimization can offer a 4x better ROI THAN A/B TESTING.

Then, combined with A/B Testing, performance is booming as the audience of the page is of quality.

And this is worth for any business.

Here is a simple case study with round numbers to illustrate my point.

Original state of your business

Let’s say your website receive 10 000 visitors/month.
Your conversion rate is 2%. You get 200 conversions/month.
The Average Order Value is 100€. Then your monthly revenue is 20 000€.
To get this volume of traffic, you spend 6 000€/month in advertising (Google Adwords for example).

First case scenario: A/B Testing Optimization

Let’s increase the conversion rate by doing some AB testing on a given landing page.

Your Conversion Rate goes to 2,2%; then you get 20 extra conversions per month. Great! Your ROI has increased by 0,6 points. Ask your boss for a raise! Unless…

Don’t you think we should focus here on the 98% that does not convert?

Like the majority of businesses, you are paying to get 98% of useless traffic…Yep, you can call it a huge waste of cash!

Second case scenario: traffic acquisition optimization

Do you remember that 80–20 Pareto principle?
Applied to digital advertising, it goes like:

80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your Ad spend.

Meaning that if you only keep 20% of your ad budget (or cut 80% whichever way you prefer), you still keep 80% of your revenue.

Optimizing your acquisition campaigns first offers so many benefits:

  • You save an incredible amount of money from your ad budget
  • You save time in managing a lighter ad campaign
  • You get a better quality score
  • You don’t bother people with retargeting campaigns that will damage your brand more than generating additional conversions

Those resources can be used to increase the spend on the performing campaigns. Or reallocated to others/new marketing efforts.

Don’t get me wrong, as you understood, I’m not saying you should cut any random part of your campaign of course. Just the ones that never convert.

Who is it you are targeting?

You are targeting 80% of the wrong person. This is useless traffic that has to be cut.
But sometimes traffic doesn’t convert because you are not giving the best answer to the audience’s needs.

You should consider the needs and maturity degree of your visitors.

There are 4 types of keywords a customer will use to do research:

  1. Informational keyword
  2. Navigational keyword
  3. Commercial intent keyword
  4. Transactional keyword

It is easy to understand that the visitor is not looking for the same information at each step.
Then you should consider building as many landing pages as relevant.

Online advertising that uses landing pages typically sees a conversion rate improvement of at least 25%. Testing can double this number.

Source: Omniture

This requires working hard on your personas.

By pierre kleinhouse

Who is it you are targeting? What do they really need? What’s the solution you bring to them?
To help my clients, I use a specific Persona Canvas that I call Actionable Persona Canvas.

5 steps to build a top notch acquisition strategy

  1. First, get a deep understanding of who is it you are targeting (Free Actionable Persona Canvas)
  2. Then build as many relevant landing pages as needed for each scenario
  3. Build your acquisition campaigns accordingly
  4. Improve your campaigns by cutting the useless traffic as you get enough analytics data (get your free Analytics Success Dashboard example here)
  5. Consistently optimize your landing pages

Need help to apply this to your business?

As a Growth Marketer, I use proven process & methodologies to help startups & established businesses growth their revenue.
I focus on marketing tactics that drive quick and sustainable growth.

I help my clients go through those 5 winning steps and I love it so much!

Ask for a free phone consulting: +33 6 63 63 51 68 | g@growthcatcher.com

Wish you a great day!

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