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From Persona to Actionable Persona [Free Canvas]

As part of my activity as a freelance Growth Marketer (and in previous experiences), clients very often consider building personas as a waste of time. This is usually the line that they want to get rid of from the proposal. We already know who they are! To me a best friend is:  Someone that listens to you Knows a lot about you Don’t judge Helps when he can Don’t necessarily...
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A/B Testing is useless unless you do something first…

As a Freelance Growth Marketer, many of my clients come to me to optimize their conversion rate. They ask me to run some A/B testing. And my first question is: How high the bounce rate is for the pages to optimize? Let me explain. Let’s say you have a landing page with a bounce rate of 60% or above. What is the point in optimizing a page if 60% of...
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